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Fundraising campaign promoted by COMEPER
in order to bring ISBEM (*) into the future of our Community.
With trust and perseverance, we are looking for BENEFACTORS
who are willing, aware and ready to support us in this endeavor
to recapitalize ISBEM at the best possible level.
(*)Euro Mediterranean Biomedical Scientific Institute


ISBEM is a non-profit scientific institute inspired by universal values, such as the “Gift Paradigm”, Social Innovation and the “common good” as a target.
On 1999, the University of Pisa and of Lecce, the Salento Bank, the Local Healthcare Authority (ASL) and the Science Park “PASTIS-CNRSM” of Brindisi founded ISBEM which has today 41 shareholders, public or private, both national and international.

As per its Bylaws, ISBEM has to have irreversible absence of profit, still remaining a small enterprise so that stakeholders cannot receive dividends.

Born to enhance quality research and to increase the number of researchers in the “Health Ecosystem”, ISBEM significantly contributes to reduce the flood of skilled human resources who do emigrate from the South of Italy, making the Mezzogiorno poorer and poorer.

Nowadays, ISBEM is an active player in subverting such a “status quo” that exists in an area where digital divide and NEET phenomena are high while innovation is low.

Since 1999 ISBEM has recruited and trained more than 100 young individuals who have contributed to significant scientific journeys by acquiring skills, generating research projects and learning methods that are now public and accessible to institutions, research centers, enterprises, citizens, schools and media companies.

ISBEM has been a springboard for a sizeable number of young talents with expertise who now work at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italian Universities, Healthcare Authorities, worldwide settled companies, as well as in prestigious centers. To pave the way to this new generation by means of doctorates, research grants, masters etc. ISBEM has spent more than 2 million €, generated by projects, donations (“5×1000” and other individual donation) and equity capital injections when necessary.

After two decades of intense work, ISBEM is in the middle of tough times, despite it has compressed functional expenses at the highest level. ISBEM is looking for your support, as its plans, its vision and its long term strategy do require financial aid and support.

With this in mind, COMEPER (Comitato Mesagne-Per-la-Ricerca), a Citizens’ group founded on 2014 in Mesagne, in the Brindisi province of Apulia, has taken the lead to promote a campaign aimed at fundraising (target € 200.000,00, two hundred thousand) to recapitalize ISBEM, a nonprofit institution, which is fully determined to contribute at the best to improve Healthcare Ecosystem, through research, education and patientcare.


A donation can be made using the following alternatives methods:

  • Online payment by credit card / PAYPAL (click on the “Donate” button)
  • Bank transfer to COMEPER using the IBAN:
    IT 13 M 05262 79210 CC0831113500
  • Bank check made out to the COMEPER (Mesagne).